terrible bomb

by junai

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Four new songs written and recorded in the first half of 2014 using obscure analogue and digital synthesizers. Listeners have referenced late-70s Bowie and Ferry, and some have mentioned hearing shades of A-Ha and the Beta Band (in the same song, too). Expansive, sumptuous, haunted pop.


released July 15, 2014

Mastered by Casey Chapman at Darkroom Mastering.
Cover design by Junko Hino.



all rights reserved


junai 東京都, Japan

Songs electronic.

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Track Name: 1d
The spring upsets your sleep
You don’t know who to trust
You skim the streets at dusk
To look for one-dimensional love
Where all is dust
To leave
This life in a circle

And so you find a friend
Not someone to complete
Just to stave off the need
You choose this one-directional love
hate what you want
and live
life in a circle

[The spring upsets your sleep
You don't know who to trust
You skim the streets at dusk]

[where all is dust]

[and live this life in a circle]
Track Name: an emergency
The streets are glazed and sullen now the storm's been through
You seem amazed at all the shit I put you through
Like the sea (born dreaming, born dreaming of the air)
Heard us take in vain
And the sea
Came to take your name

You break the glass on everything that sings tonight
And force a smile that never seems to work quite right
For the sea (born dreaming, born dreaming of the air)
Hears us the doubt in us
And the sea
Came to laugh at us

I need you there
(An emergency, an emergency)
I need you there
I need you there

All gone
Track Name: imagine
I imagine a terrible bomb with your face painted on
Falling from the pallid sky
Its avid smile declaring that you're ready to get wet
...and at the end, your lover strangled with a tie
If only this had been before the Internet

Are all these people here for real
They just INCREASE and they ASSUME
Do all these people here need to breathe
Or should we have them make room?

I fell in love with an idea so foul that it made me want to dance
I fell in love with an idea so vile it made me

I imagine the animal throng with its face painted on
Lining London to adore
As your suited constellation liberates the capital
Love the lies and they will answer for the truth
Love them until they crawl on up and swallow you